1. FOOTAGETAPE wine tour article coming soon to Be-Mag.

  2. My friend, Julian Vaughn Bah makes really dope jewelry. Caught this birthday blessing from him tonight. So stoked on this shit.

  3. MLC.

  6. Today.

  7. Clayton.

  8. "It looks weird, dream worldly" - my lady when asked if this was cool.

  9. Driver of cones, tents, tarps and tape.

  10. I am writing and made photographs for an article on the wine country tour we did in north Georgia for the next FootageTape. Footage Tape. It will be dropping this week on Be-Mag.  Really excited to be producing another skate video.  Stoked for the premiere and stoked for the homies to rejoice in a celebration of southern blading.  We fucking out here.

  11. Great weekend with this lady.

  12. Local nature preserve with the Blonde Biologist and KIND.

  13. Sk8 tour bro.

  14. On set today…

  15. Shine on shine.