1. On set today…

  2. Shine on shine.

  3. I fucking love New Balance.

  5. Nat and Bean.

  6. Marijuana.

  7. Cb 350.

  8. Chilling.

  9. Hurt Plaza.

  10. Humans.

  11. Hiked Stone Mountain today with wifey.

  12. "Atlanta has the most amazing hotel you’ve ever seen.  Um, you walk in, and from the outside it looks like any other large hotel.  You get in and you look up and it goes up about 27 floors and the interior is like a Spanish courtyard, and, and architecturally it’s hollow.  So all the rooms face each other across this vast garden-arena.  And the elevators are like, um, kind of a Victorian rocketships and the…they’re glass and so…um.  And you go up, you go up to the restaurant on the penthouse level and it’s completely encased by glass." - Jim Morrison on the Hyatt Regency.

  13. Cruising.

  15. I played basketball with Woody Harrelson today. I don’t have a bucket list but this was fucking dope.